November 21, 2022

THE WORD TODAY IS RUNNING UP (RUNNING UP: SCAT-er: Disperse and disperse in several instructions; disperse.)

Common rating 38 phrases

Time restrict 45 minutes

Can you discover 45 or extra phrases in SCATTER? The listing will probably be printed tomorrow.

YESTERDAY’S WORD IS A HORRIBLE Earl Excel Cable Carburetor Care Flakes Clear Crab Spire Race Rale Actual Insurgent Reel Loosen up Acra Acre Alley Axel Axis Bale Baler Naked Bear Beer Blair Blair Brace Laser Laser Stealth

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1. Phrases should consist of 4 or extra letters.

2. Phrases that lead to 4 letters by including “s”, comparable to “bats” or “dies”, should not allowed.

3. Further phrases shaped by including “d” or “s” can’t be used. For instance, if “baking” is used, “baking” or “baking” isn’t allowed, however “baking” and “baking” are allowed.

4. Correct names, slang phrases, and vulgar or overtly sexual phrases should not allowed.

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